Musical Notes


A piano is a sweet melody that can rejuvenate you. If you are looking for a teacher to learn the Piano, I can help you.

I have more than 20 YEARS of experience in TEACHING primary school’s children (Language and Music) and private music lessons (Piano and Music Theory) in HONG KONG.

I am SPECIALIZED in teaching children, teenagers and kids with Special Education Needs (SEN).  You can browse my outstanding qualification in my profile page.

I am a patient and friendly tutor who always encourages my students to do better. I am also a motivating teacher who likes to plan lessons as per the student’s preferences. I have EXCELLENT SKILLS, PEDAGOGY AND METHODOLOGY when it comes to delivering knowledge to children.

I am well-versed with the ABRSM syllabus. You can choose to learn that with me for joining the graded exam or just for fun.  

You can choose the lessons to be conducted either in English or Cantonese.


另外,本人亦同時擁有私人教授「鋼琴 Piano」、「樂理 Music Theory」、「視奏 Sight-reading」、「練耳 Aural Test」、「高音牧笛考試 Descant Recorder 」經驗,非常熟悉ABRSM考試範圍。