FLUTE (1:1) or FIFE (1:4) - by Fiona K

  • 30 minutes
  • £12 (1:4), £18 (1:1)
  • Sheffield S2

Service Description

(A) ABOUT FIONA KWAN, THE TUTOR: Lessons provided by Fiona Kwan, a young musician (a university student). She has already got Grade 8 MERIT in ABRSM Practical (Face-to-Face) examination in BOTH FLUTE AND PIANO and with 2 years of Piano and Flute teaching experience. She is nice, friendly and can cater for kid's interest in learning flute and piano. (B) COURSE DETAILS (FLUTE and PIANO): Lovely tunes will be taught in lessons for beginners. Suitable for young kids, age 6+. ABRSM exam syllabus will be taught if you choose towards grades. (C) INSTRUMENT WILL BE USING IN LESSON (FLUTE): Flute/Fife for lessons: 1. Beginner plastic Fife: Costs around GBP12. Let us know if you want to buy from us. 2. Intermediate Level: Silver plated flute or other professional materials flute. (D) FIRST TASTER LESSON: 1. FIFE: First taster lesson (20 minutes, 1:1), Regular lesson (30 minutes, Group) 2. FLUTE: First taster lesson (30 minutes, 1:1). DURATION: *** 20 mins or 30 mins: Including 1-min gap for students going in and coming out of the venue, avoiding students mix. ***

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Sheffield S2 Sheffield S2, UK