3 courses offering: REGULAR / FAST TRACK / PRE-EXAM.

  • 50 minutes
  • £32-£40 per 50 mins
  • Sheffield

Service Description

OBJECTIVES: Lessons for students who wants join the ABRSM Music Theory examination. REGULAR COURSE: (A) Suitable for: 1. young learners and/or 2. no previous music theory learning lessons’ experience. (B) Content: 1. Teach new topics in students' learning pace. 2. Problem solving about topics learnt in previous lesson. 3. Guidance in homework and exercise each lesson. 4. Sample paper or Mock paper training. FAST TRACK: (A) Suitable for: 1. mature/Uni-students/Adult learners and/or 2. have previous music theory learning lessons’ experience. 3. must have self-revision skills and abilities. 4. must have pre- and post- self-learning before or after lessons. (B) Content: 1. Stick to a learning schedule to learn new topics in order to finish all the content in a planned time. 2. The Schedule/Plan will be provided to students before lessons. 3. Problem solving about topics learnt will be provided in extra lesson if request. PRE-EXAM REVISION COURSE: (A) Suitable for students who: 1. finished the G1-5 syllabus from other teacher 2. have some concepts need to clarify and look into depth 3. have questions need to tackle before the exam (B) Content: 1. Students provide the topics which they wants to cover 2. And/Or revision exercise to be provide for lessons 2. Duration depends on the topics covered. DURATION OF LEARNING: (* 50 mins each lesson *) G1: 5 lessons x £32 G2: 5 lessons x £34 G3: 6 lessons x £36 G4: 6 lessons x £38 G5: 6 lessons x £40 **Optional/Extra lessons: Past paper / In context topic / Corrections tutorial TOTAL NUMBER OF LESSONS: (1) Regular: 28 lessons (predicted, +/- 1 lesson per grade) (2) Fast Track: 18 lessons (predicted, +/- 1 lesson per grade) (3) Pre-Exam Revision: Varies depends on topics covering. *All the number of lessons are predicted and it is NOT a guarantee period. *Varies according to the student's musical background and their learning pace. MODE OF LEARNING: 1. This course is suitble to learn through ONLINE. 2. 3 courses : REGULAR / FAST TRACK / PRE-EXAM. 3.Parents are welcome to sit-in the ONLINE lessons with their kids as supporters in the Regular Course lessons. HOMEWORK: Students are expected to finish all the exercises after each lesson. Free homework markings provided by teachers (for non-multiple-choice answers or open-ended answers). Parents and Students will be informed to buy Workbooks/Answer books for lessons and homework use. **FREE TRIAL: 10-15 mins, group

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